Pittsburgh three-piece Eternal Boy release their new album Bad Days Are Over on Friday April 30, 2021 via Four Chord Music.  An optimistic turn in what we can all agree are darker times, Eternal Boy’s new effort looks to the future while commiserating with past decisions and bops nine fresh, vibrant tracks. 

Opening with the title track, “Bad Days Are Over” tells the story of coming to grips with one’s past and finding your strength to battle through the bad days while riddled with catchy breakdowns. “One Dream at a Time” boasts a spinning chorus that’s crazy fun while lyrically deep. Listeners are also treated to a ballad with “Promise,” featuring delicate violin and melancholy lyrics, “You gotta be the one that holds yourself together, even though you know that things won’t get better.” 

A compelling and relatable album, Bad Days Are Over, is potently pop punk in a genre with rowdy instrumentals that would fit perfectly atop a Warped Tour, or better yet Four Chord Music Festival stage. 

Eternal Boy has a stacked week leading up to the release with interviews, acoustic performances and livestreams proving you can successfully launch an album even in a world where playing to a packed room isn’t possible. The band is doing merch giveaways every ten minutes on 4/29 for their album release countdown, a Q&A on 4/30 with acoustic song performances and a release Livestream on 5/1. 

Be sure to follow Eternal Boy on Twitter, Instagram and grab this album Bad Days Are Over this Friday, or pre-order it now via their website and snag the gorgeous splatter vinyl.

TAGS: Eternal Boy | Four Chord Music | Four Chord Music Fest

Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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