Recent Pure Noise Records signees Action/Adventure are set to drop their debut EP for the label entitled Pulling Focus on April 30, 2021. 

“Barricades” opens this masterpiece consisting of seven tracks; and while it’s one of the catchiest pop punk songs of the year, the timely social commentary that it offers at this point in history is equally as memorable and important.

After releasing EPs in 2015, 2016 and 2018 Pulling Focus will introduce the Chicago quintet’s considerable talent to a wider audience.  It will only confirm to the masses what longstanding fans have known for a number of years:  Action/Adventure are one of the most underrated bands within their genre.  The highly energetic riffs of guitarists Oren Trace and Brompton Jackson (also of Wilmette) combined with the creative lyrics of vocalist Blake Evaristo in such a way that the commitment of Action/Adventure to their craft is blatantly obvious. 

Further highlights of Pulling Focus include “Club 27” which questions relationships through the lens of the untimely deaths of numerous musicians at the age of 27 while “Tuck Everlasting,” named for the 1975 book and 2002 film that followed, laments the fading days of youth while seeking the timelessness explored in its namesake. On it Evaristo sings, “I’m sick of waiting for the stars to align…” With the release of Pulling Focus, the stars have done just that for Action/Adventure. 

Buckle up as the jet that is Action/Adventure soars to new heights with Pulling Focus.

Preorder the new album from Action/Adventure out April 30 via Pure Noise Records

TAGS: Action/Adventure | Pure Noise Records

Dan Bowyer

Twitter: @DanSpinThoughts


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