If you have yet to hear of this band, I would kindly suggest you climb out from the rock you’ve been living under and fully embrace these Baltimore-based rising stars who are absolutely tearing through the music scene right now.

Pinkshift – Saccharine EP

Since flinging their debut singles (“On Thin Ice” and “I’m gonna tell my therapist on you”) into the unpredictable void that was the year 2020, Pinkshift have become a staple in my “you’ve-gotta-listen-to-this-new-band-I-love” list. Striking a firm balance between nostalgic pop punk and angsty punk, Pinkshift have taken the scene by storm…and they aren’t letting up any time soon. They dropped two absolute bangers, “Toro” and “Rainwalk,” in late October 2020 to flex a bit of their edge.

Photo: Leigh Ann Rodgers, 2020

And now, the pop punk gods have blessed us all with a new SURPRISE Pinkshift single, “Mars,” to round out their (also surprise) debut EP, Saccharine.

In addition to the new single, the band is releasing a 12″ vinyl pre-order for the Saccharine EP combining previous singles. There will also be CDs and a poster bundle available, all on their Bandcamp.

About the song “Mars,” Pinkshift lead singer Ashrita Kumar says: “The lyrics of the song are about the beginnings of something shiny and new. Ironically this was the song that really pulled us together to start this band – it’s full of optimism and hope for a brighter future. It feels fitting to put a spin on our original demo this year for the same message with a touch of angst.” 

Listen to the new single “Mars” and pre-order the Saccharine EP via Pinkshift’s Bandcamp!

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Tyra Brunz

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