When I listen to albums, there are things I look for – those aspects that keep me interested. Some of those are good vocals, great lyrics and the overall feel I get from the album or song. Personal Space hits all three of those with their new release, A Lifetime of Leisure, out Friday March 26, 2021 via Good Eye Records.

Personal Space is a four-piece indie band that dabbles in post-hardcore. Not what the kids call post-hardcore these days, but bands like The Dismemberment Plan, Archers of Loaf and bands of the like. A Lifetime of Leisure is the band’s second full length, and they are ready to make some noise.

One of the first things that struck me about the album was the feeling I got. After a year of living in the world that we have and where we presently are, this album fits. It has a calm feeling and a bit of hope. One of the things I’ve been doing the past year is taking long car rides and listening to music. This album will compliment that, especially on those sunny and bright days. Put the windows down and roll with it. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those moments. Much like how I’ve been getting lost while riding, this album is one that you will just get lost in, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Throughout the effort, the lyrics are very relatable and thought-provoking.  In the first song “Thinking Man,” the lyricist writes, “and I just carry on, never fear death, just fear you won’t ever live true.” After the last year, that hits hard. We tend to take life for granted at times, but I don’t think I will after this.  In “Model Actors” the lyricist writes, “I felt encouraged by you feeling lost. You reckoned our opportunity cost. Sober approaching a line neatly crossed. Original sin and our innocence lost.” That is something out of a poetry book. I love it. If the songwriter wasn’t making music, they could be a poet. That’s what the entire album is: an amazing display of words.

“Entropic Dads” houses some of my favorite lyrics with, “What wisdom yet does late middle age reveal? It’s easier to let you rest content than point out. This was a shitty adulthood ceremony.” That’s one of those lyrics that had me thinking for a minute. Besides the words, it’s the vocalist who makes them stand out. They have such a calm and relaxing voice and when combined with the lyrics, you’re just pulled in and there’s no escaping. The other aspect that makes this album complete is the guitar work – It’s about as clean as they come today.

When you put all of these elements together, you’re going to have a good album, that’s exactly what A Lifetime of Leisure is. I look forward to spending lots of time with it this spring/summer on my weekend road trips.

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Ray Moore


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