Rivals are set to release their new LP, Sad Looks Pretty On Me, on Friday March 19, 2021 via Smartpunk. Music fans from nu-metal to pop rock will find this LP an exquisite treat of genre-blurred excellence, discovering fresh surprises that are tucked around every corner throughout their listening experience.

This album contains delightful pop-infused metal, a theme that is emphasized with the album’s guest features. Pop artist Dutch Melrose appears on “Change Things,” and Nu-Metal vocalist Elijah Witt (of Cane Hill) is featured on “Fake Rich.” Rivals strike a balance between pop’s catchy hooks and post-hardcore riffs that work to build the band’s dark pop sound around each of the featured artist’s respective talents.

The album is masterfully mixed and contains 80s and 90s-inspired synth as well as raw, macabre lyrics reminiscent of Dream State and classic Bring Me The Horizon. The lyrical content of “Are You Listening?,” “Why” and “To: Dom” illustrate the band’s ability to express powerful emotions through their unique vocal styling. Even the more upbeat, pop-leaning songs like “Strawberries” and “On the Loose” contain more sinister undertones. The beauty of these raw vocals blend with the powerful, heavy riffs and nostalgic pop synth that becomes a reoccurring dark and brooding pop rock theme for Sad Looks Pretty On Me.

With hooks fit for top 40 lists woven with a dark undertone drawn from heavy core roots, Rivals builds a sound fit for mainstream listeners and pit moshers, alike.

Preorder and get your bedroom-mosher moves ready for the highly anticipated Sad Looks Pretty on Me, out via Smartpunk on March 19.

TAGS: Rivals | Smartpunk

Tyra Brunz

Email: tyra.spinningthoughts@outlook.com
Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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