Dead Poet Society release -!- (said as “the exclamation album”) March 12, 2021 via Spinefarm Records.  Packed with 16 tracks ranging from instrumental and artistic accents to full-blown powerhouses, the effort doesn’t hold back anything. 

Touting a unique and genre-defying sound, Dead Poet Society bares their teeth on “.burymewhole.,” with wailing guitars meeting glaring lyrics, “Guess you just ghosted me, fuck you anyway, I’ll probably stay home, eat shit and medicate”.

Mid album, “.georgia.” is a heavy-hitter with riffs as big as skyscrapers and out of this world vocals from Jack Underkofler, showcasing the range of an incredible vocalist. We see ballads in the form of “I Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You,” and exhibitions of range and ingenuity riddled with synth accents in  “.lovemelikeyoudo.” 

Truly one of a kind, -!- has a wide selection of expertly composed guitar work and truly enthralling vocals delivered in alternative rock excellence. Adapting to the current state of music during the pandemic, Dead Poet Society are launching a debut album live stream March 13th, 2021 where the collection of songs will be played for the first time live and fans can buy tickets through the band’s website and socials.

You can pre-order -!– now and stream everywhere on March 12, 2021. 

TAGS: Dead Poet Society | Spinefarm Records

Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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