Following a number of releases in recent years including a split with Sundressed, Nominee return with their latest EP Outset, due for release on January 22, 2021 via Smartpunk Records.  Having signed with the label in late 2019, Nominee count the criminally underrated Keep Flying and the legendary Set Your Goals as labelmates. 

Known for upbeat jams dating as far back as 2014 on their debut release I Woke Up, Nominee change things up with the release of seven acoustic gems that make up Outset.  The Austin, Texas quintet have reimagined previously released songs “Lock and Key” and ‘Stay” from an acoustic perspective and the results illustrate Nominee’s creativity as well as their versatility. 

Highlights of the EP include “Lowlife” and “The House Where I Grew Up,” the latter of which grapples with pushing limits and sacrificing comfort for the sake of growth.  Constantly grinding, Nominee were set to hit the road in support of the aforementioned Keep Flying before the COVID-19 pandemic brought touring to a halt.  Here’s hoping Nominee can get back on the road in the latter half of 2021 in support of Outset so as to continue the upward trajectory they find themselves on. 

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