It’s official. We have suffered long enough.

With the help of their new label, Count Your Lucky Stars Records, Florida-based band Camp Trash will release their long-awaited debut EP, Downtiming, on the 22nd day of January in the year of our lorde 2021.

As a MOBO fan who lives at the beach, I have the necessary authority to let you know that this EP sounds like it was written near a beach by some dudes who like Modern Baseball. Downtiming contains four tracks packed solid with anthemic choruses and bouncy nostalgia pop; you will find yourself bopping along to each song with your very own Campy (sorry, not sorry) dance moves.

As an excellent opener, “Bobby” kicks the party off with bouncy bubblegum hooks that draws the listener in and feel-good riffs to radiate that nostalgic summer warmth Camp Trash has so perfectly captured in their sound.  This album has certain points that give me major Macseal vibes and both “Bobby” and the next track, “Sleepyhead” are great examples where you can hear some similarities between these two bands (which sounds like a great reason to tour together!).

“Sleepyhead” showcases Camp Trash’s anthemic choruses and bright guitar work. To me, this one feels like it would fit perfectly in the soundtrack of that one new teen romcom- the one with those characters and also the hero who’s flaws you can really relate to but in the end, things always turn out alright. You know the one, right? I thought you might.

“Potomino” is an acoustic song with a free-spirited indie feel and harmonies that are just *Chef’s Kiss*. And finally, the natural closer to the Ep, “Weird California” polishes off the end of the debut EP. This one is a slow build- it begins with a pulsing bass line that steadily grows into the full apex of the album at its chorus. This driving, robust depth of sound creates a warm, familiar glow- like the trigger of a fond memory that you haven’t lived through yet.

Camp Trash cultivates their music into an exceptional listening experience and each song on the EP plays a role in generating Downtiming’s unique sound- one that radiates a nostalgic glow like the warmth of a campfire. Be sure to listen on January 22, 2021 as the album debuts, and don’t forget to add these songs to your summer playlists because they are the perfect soundtrack for warm summer nights and great vibes.

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Tyra Brunz

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