As the first electronic tones of their upcoming release ring out, it’s clear that Hundredth are pouring the passion they have into their art on their terms.  Their fifth full-length record entitled Somewhere Nowhere is due for release on October 9, 2020.  It’s the first LP the band will independently release after stints on Mediaskare Records and Hopeless Records

Hundredth is very good at defying stereotypes.  South Carolina is not usually associated with the type of music Hundredth makes.  While the tourists around them in their hometown of Myrtle Beach were focused on golf courses, frontman Chadwick Johnson and Hundredth were focused on developing their craft. 

The results that appear on Somewhere Nowhere illustrate the band’s creative diversity.  The material appearing on it may be unrecognizable to those more familiar with the band’s hardcore roots. The album’s opening track and namesake, along with many others, is reminiscent of the work that electronic forerunners Joy Electric produced, while the exquisite bass line that opens “Leave Yourself” evokes memories of The Cure. 

The dedication that Hundredth possess with respect to their artistry is unequivocal as Johnson intones “I’m not swimmin’ in the money but at least I’m sleepin’ at night,” on pre-release single “Bottle It Up.”  It, along with “Iridescent” and the energetic “Burn Slow,” serve as standouts on the 14-track effort.  In an industry where passion can at times sadly take a back seat to profit, the newfound creativity of Hundredth is a breath of fresh air.

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