Atmospheric/alt-rock three-piece Violet Night is set to drop their new release ANTIHEROES on September 25, 2020, and I can say this is an album to watch for sure. Their sound isn’t something I’d normally gravitate toward, but that’s the best part about doing reviews like this, you end up finding some pretty sick bands like Violet Night.

The lead off track, “stay golden; we’re all the same in the dark” is full of great vibes and some killer keys. Conner Pohl’s vocals on “evergreen” (and for all my pop punk kids, it is not to be confused with that one Knuckle Puck song) are relaxing and invoke the feeling to go on a peaceful night drive.

“Freak Me Up”, one of the most diverse tracks on the album, is mysterious and vague but I love how different it is from the rest of the effort. “(If) you are the ocean (then) I would like to drown” is the song I didn’t know I needed from this album until I heard it. The flow is smooth, in a live setting this track wouldn’t disappoint, and that breakdown towards the end made the song. “Hate Me” was the first single released and is proof this album isn’t made up of one solid sound. If you’re a fan of Boston Manor I highly recommend checking this song out as it gives off similar vibes.

Halfway through the effort Violet Night blesses us with a nice acoustic break and “superbloom” is a slow sad trance you want to be stuck in. Things pick back up with “glow” – it’s super catchy and definitely uplifting, especially after the previous track. As someone who would consider herself a wallflower, “wallflower (none of this means anything)” speaks to me in ways I couldn’t describe, and the spoken word section builds on the emotion evoked. The title track closes the effort on the saddest note. Themes of struggle and strength are prominent, and the meaning of telling yourself to have hope and that there is so much to live for makes this the perfect swan song.

If you’ve been in a music funk and want something fresh and new, I highly suggest checking out ANTIHEROES when it drops on September 25. You will not regret it. Make sure to tweet me and let me know your favorite track!

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