Absolutely packed with stellar instrumental work, Benchmarks has created another must-listen album

Benchmarks does it again, following 2017’s Our Undivided Attention, the Nashville rock band has released Summer Slowly, on August 21, 2020. A melodic, yet gritty guitar-filled album showcasing some of the best talent in Nashville. Featuring collaborations with Camille Faulkner and Lydia Lovelace, Johnny Clousson and Brian Beer, Summer Slowly is perfectly accented with fellow artists lending variety and harmony to lead singer Todd Farrell Jr.’s distinguished sound.

True to their previous album themes, Summer Slowly is an honest and revealing look at the struggles of being a musician, squaring off with the opposition and confronting the future.
The impressive instrumental work throughout the effort is featured prominently with runaway guitar shreds from Farrell Jr. and blasting bass excellence from Matt “Goose” Rewinski paired with the impeccable drums from Jack Whitis.

“Leave the Light On” stands out for me as I spent many years out photographing concerts, often times traveling to shows out of state and wondering at times if it’s worth it when you have someone at home waiting for you. You make a lot of memories, but it certainly starts to break your heart after a while.

A fantastic record, Summer Slowly is an indie punk rock album that gives the listener complex thoughts on change and growth, themes ever-relevant in these uncertain times. Absolutely packed with stellar instrumental work, Benchmarks has created another must-listen album with Summer Slowly.

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