Paying homage to their influences, the new EP from Wolf Culture feels like revisiting a favorite album

I have a confession to make.  I received the advance for the upcoming EP from Wolf Culture, Dying In the Living Room due out July 31 via Common Ground Collective, a few weeks back.  In the ensuing time I have listened to it a number of times, to the point where as I put it on to listen to as I write this review, I feel like I’m revisiting a favorite album as opposed to letting people know about it for the first time.


Sounding mainly like a cross between My Chemical Romance and Arctic Monkeys, Wolf Culture is a four piece made up of Max Dervan on vocals and guitar, Jake Daniels on drums, Jay Dervan on guitar and vocals, and Reece Collins on bass. The sound of the band makes it quite clear who their influences are and pay homage to them throughout the release.

The opening track, “Flood” features vocal harmonies and a soft organ that would not be out of place on the Beatles’ Abbey Road. “Rain Dance” shows what the band is capable of.  The guitars, bass and drums are solid and Dervan’s vocals are strong.  The bridge highlights the band’s influences, including early Panic! At the Disco.  There are a couple changes to the tempo and intensity that keeps the listener engaged.

The next track, “Spite” starts with a bass line that is joined by the vocals and then guitar and drums.  The song continues to build up, and again features nice harmonies and backing vocals. The latest pre-release single, “Ultimatum” features Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens.  I can see this song getting airplay on college and alt-rock stations in the near future. Lastly, the EP closes out with “Lunatic and His Moon,” which bookends the collection with more of the Beatles-esque harmonies.

My 11-year-old son is learning drums and has been focusing on cymbal work lately.  He has taken to “Nervous,” the first song released back in May, which really showcases Daniels’ high-hats and cymbals throughout, with a certain Linkin Park feel to it. Dying In the Living Room is available everywhere this Friday.

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