The emotionally charged debut album from Safehold provides an introspective look with a flair for the nostalgic

Emo-Rapper Safehold is set to release their new full-length album Boyish July 24, 2020 via Mutant League Records. The emotionally charged effort is an intimate glimpse at Safehold’s anxieties and insecurities and the complexities of relationships.


Boyish keeps the listener on their toes with distinctively styled tracks. “Cobwebs” feels more synth-pop while “LETTHERAINFALL!” is closer to a traditional pop tune.  Emo-Rap is a new genre to me and to be honest, I am here for it. Safehold’s distinguished niche of musical style is noteworthy of its honest content and original tracks, each song having its own unique vibe and telling a seemingly very personal story.

Standout track “Loose Ends” with lyrics “We’re sittin’ on the rooftop, ran your hand through my hair a lot, told me this was young love, baby this can’t be done” is a modern story of cautious love set to a chill aura of well-composed music.

Boyish exhibits an introspective look at Safehold as an artist and a person, often presented with a flair for the nostalgic.  The first full-length release from Safehold, the album follows a number of singles previously released on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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