One of the pop punk’s up-and-coming bands, Weigh The Anchor will make you feel right at home

Oakville, Canada pop punk outfit Weigh The Anchor return with their third EP Right At Home, due for release on July 10, 2020.

The move from being a quintet to becoming a trio clearly hasn’t slowed the band down.  As the first notes of lead single “Medicate” ring out, it’s obvious that Right At Home will be a perfect fit for any pop punk fan.  It’s full of more than enough “Woah-oh-ohs” and catchy guitar hooks to put Weigh The Anchor firmly in place as one of the best up-and-coming pop punk bands, not only within their local scene, but anywhere.

The band’s musical creativity is on par with many of the heavyweights of the genre.  Now it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time for labels to come calling, as was the case with fellow Ontarians Bearings in recent years.

“Discourse” is the closest thing to a ballad on the EP, full of emotion as Weigh The Anchor’s lead vocalist Andrew Zamora wears his heart on his sleeve.  The fullness of Weigh The Anchor’s sound is brought forth by expert producer Sam Guiana (Like Pacific, Young Culture, Rarity).

With numerous streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music taking notice of Weigh The Anchor, Right At Home positions them well to take the next steps in their career.  Indeed, all tracks on the effort will make any pop punk fan feel right at home.

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