With stunning vocal range and quirky composition, Will Wood delivers a wistful escape into a theatrical effort

The highly-anticipated album from Will Wood, The Normal Album, is set for release July 10, 2020. A fierce display of musical prowess, the record is never dull and far from your typical pop release. With stunning vocal range and quirky composition, The Normal Album delivers a wistful escape into this theatrical effort.

Opening track “Suburbia Overture” is soaked in mid-century nostalgic vocal stylings that would give The Four Seasons a run for their money. Completely captivated by the falsetto to baritone vocal range of Wood, I played this intro song on a loop for a good twenty minutes trying to let all the facets of it sink in.

The showmanship delivered in tracks like “2econd-2ight-2eer (that was fun, goodbye)” and “Marsha, Thankk You for the Dialectics, but I Need You to Leave.” are delivered through instrumentals disregarding genre restrictions to barrel through your speakers with wild, limitless fun.  I hope someone builds a Broadway show around The Normal Album because I imagine the visual interpretations live would be charmingly weird, yet powerfully effective.

The avant-pop The Normal Album is a success story in crowdfunding, raising more than $25,000 in support of the record from die hard fans.  The effort is 10 tracks of 50s doo-wop stylings and 80s eccentricity tied together with 21st Century lyrical content challenging conformity.

When not touring or making new music, Will Wood is a creator on Patreon where fans can subscribe for access to private live-stream concerts, exclusive tracks, a personalized monthly zine, handmade gifts and more. You can also catch the virtual release show on Crowdcast on July 11 at 7 pm ET.

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