Full of heartfelt tracks, Forest Green’s label debut is a brilliant display of musicianship

After creating some buzz over the last few years, recent No Sleep Records signees Forest Green are preparing to release their first effort for the label on July 3, 2020.

In Waves is a brilliant display of musicianship that hearkens back to a time when the term ‘emo’ wasn’t associated with saccharine-sweet pop.  The Saginaw, Michigan quartet bring to mind the work of forerunners such as Grade or The Casket Lottery.

In Waves is full of heartfelt tracks that are a bit rough around the edges, in the best way.  It’s not angry enough to fall under the banner of metalcore, yet nowhere near bubblegum pop.  The album’s title track would have fit nicely on an early 2000s sampler from a label like Deep Elm or Jade Tree.

The vocals of Forest Green frontman Mark Duhaime are as emotional as they are earnest. This isn’t the kind of fake emotion one comes across occasionally because “sad sells.” The tracks on In Waves are clearly genuine. Having shared the stage with the likes of If Only, If Only and Overgrow, here’s hoping In Waves will propel Forest Green to the next level.

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