Incase We Crash displays maturing musicianship and catchy hooks on new EP

Toronto’s Incase We Crash return with their latest EP entitled Soul Paint, due for release June 26, 2020.  The band displays maturing musicianship and catchy hooks across the five-track effort.

“City Sky” pays homage to the band’s hometown while the EP’s title track showcases the cheery vocals of frontman Simon Austin very well.  The hypnotic tones of closing track “If We Break” slow things down and lull the listener into a more introspective place.

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Incase We Crash are representative of a thriving community of musicians from Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area, who are extremely talented and vastly underrated.  It is imperative that the music community upholding the genre of which Incase We Crash are part of, support the band and their contemporaries.

Incase We Crash is a band that should not fall through the cracks.  The relatively recent addition of guitarist Alex Koval (also of Carried Away) has bolstered the ranks of Incase We Crash, allowing for the creativity of the band to flourish.  Expertly produced by the talented Sam Guaiana, Soul Paint is a step in the right direction that inaugurates the next leg of the journey Incase We Crash is on.

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