Wargirl set to release new album with beats that don’t quit, gorgeous vocals and a flower power nostalgic feel

Wargirl’s latest album, Dancing Gold, is set for release June 12, 2020 via Clouds Hill. A retro-fueled, psychedelic funk rock six piece, Dancing Gold is a blissful 10-track album packed with spellbinding songs. With beats that don’t quit, gorgeous vocals and a flower power nostalgic feel, Dancing Gold delivers an album as naturally attractive as it is accomplished.

Opening the record, “Drive” begins with a pop rock feel with psychedelic reverb vocals surrounding the listener, blending into the chorus with lyrics “Drive, drive get in the car, search all night to find who you are / You Ride, ride, ride, through the stars, if your light don’t shine, you won’t get far.”

“Pretend,” the danceable tambourine-accented track, is a divine example of the collective talent of Wargirl. “Don’t Bring Me Down” features mystical vibes, yet brassy sounds with juicy bass lines. Closing out the album, “Cry” introduces itself in a vintage-esque instrumental followed by echoing vocals, creating a maudlin tune.

Wargirl is multifaceted and ever-interesting.  If you’re in the market for something original and interesting, Dancing Gold will certainly hit the mark.

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