Emphatic guitar, powerful drums and skillful vocals set Nightwell up for an impressive debut EP

After honing their craft over the last three years, Toronto four-piece Nightwell burst onto the scene brightly with their self-titled debut EP, due for release on April 3, 2020.

The time the band has put into developing their sound has been a very wise investment.  Their debut offering proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nightwell are more accomplished musicians than some other bands that have been together three times as long, sort of like a newly drafted NHL hockey player that is his team’s leading scorer as a rookie.

Tracks such as “Confident” and “Bittersweet” display the sonorous maturity of Nightwell beyond their years.  The EP is cohesive throughout as emphatic guitar lines are complemented by powerful drums and the skillful vocals of former Pfloog frontman Jason Emsallem.

Nightwell could be next in the long line of Ontario bands to be picked up by a record label and to break out beyond their hometown.  They could easily follow in the footsteps of fellow Ontarians Seaway, Rarity or Bearings.  This time next year it would not be surprising in the least if fans beyond Canadian borders are lining up at their local tattoo parlor for Nightwell-themed ink.  Having shared the stage with the likes of Belmont and Like Pacific, Nightwell has nowhere to go but up.

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Dan Bowyer

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