The new album from Snarls serves up attitude and confidence with vulnerability

Ohio band Snarls is set to release their newest album, Burst, Friday March 6, 2020 via Take This to Heart Records. Snarls is making waves crashing into Rolling Stone, MTV and Fader’s recommendations with well-deserved praise and recognition.  Burst exudes ethereal sounds mixed with pop choruses, creating a delicate atmosphere around the listener.  Lyrically, and at times falling into the emo genre, the effort serves up attitude and confidence with vulnerability.

In “Falling” we find lyrics, “I’m not falling  / Just forget what I said / Let you get inside my head / I won’t let you in again,” showcasing some of the gumption present throughout the record.

Title track “Burst” bellows deep bass chords that strut into the song and marry so perfectly with the joining guitar chords to form a dreamy pop-gaze force field around the listener, demanding the album to be played all over again. Snarls kicks off a tour with Citizen and Fury this March, and Burst will release everywhere you stream and buy music this Friday March 6th.

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Jessi McKee

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