The new EP from Four Stars is emotional, honest and wrought with internal retrospection

Four Stars‘ new EP Headspace is a breath of fresh air in the pop punk scene. Due for release February 29, 2020, the effort is emotional, honest and wrought with internal retrospection while being super fun and easy to listen to, all in a compact four-song compilation. The EP opens with “Alacrity,” and for those of us unfamiliar with the word, basically means eagerness or readiness. I may have had to “google” the term…. Don’t judge me. “Alacrity” lives up to the title of the track, focusing on solving those problems we tend to put in the back of our minds while showcasing some seriously impressive guitar chords throughout the track. 

Standout track “Small Hands, Small Spaces” is emo at its finest, an honest and relatable song about being a work in progress and struggling to function in a world where you feel less than. This song resonated with me the most as my internal monologue often echoes the sentiments that appear throughout the track.  Lyrically, “Small Hands, Small Spaces” is spot on to so many of our experiences with anxiety and depression. “Why do I wanna be alone / even when I’m lonely / and why do I wanna stay at home / even though it’s boring / I won’t make another excuse for anxiety and self abuse / so try to understand I’m a work in progress / such small hands could never hold you.” Melodically, “Small Hands, Small Spaces” is beautifully composed, the whimsical whistle in the chorus is a nice touch, cutting through the angsty tempo to provide something sharp and bright. 

Headspace wraps up with the brisk pop punk banger “Serenity,” a swift-tempoed track marked by impressive chord changes and exceptional percussion that takes the listener on a ride through the intro, flying between the chords and profound lyrical content. “While I tear down these walls with these riffs on my guitar / so let my honesty / tear right through / every doubt you have of me / cuz I am finally/who I wanted to be / it’s all thanks to you / my serenity.”

Overall, Headspace is a fantastic new EP from a band who seems to have absolutely nailed their sound. Four Stars is a well-refined pop punk and emo blend that I expect to see bursting into the scene further this year and picking up serious traction with this accomplished effort. Let’s hope 2020 brings Fours Stars out of their Chicago hub and on the road.

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