VISTA’s second installment in an EP trilogy tackles depression and redemption, boasting powerhouse vocals and heavy instrumentation

The second installment in a trilogy of EPs, VISTA is set to release The Repair on Friday February 14, 2020. The pre-released single “Dirty Laundry” gives listeners insight into the powerhouse band VISTA continues to be.

The title track starts the EP off with a simplistic, yet bone-chilling melody leading straight into the second song “Crutches.” Equally eerie to the title track, lead vocalist Hope Vista brings her powerful voice to light, painting the picture of struggle and redemption throughout the song.

When listening to The Repair, every track impacted me in some way but “Crutches” hit home. Depression is a beast, and navigating through the darkness is the hardest part. While dealing with depression is never easy, the imagery through Vista’s lyrics is exactly what I felt through those times. Being at a loss for words while listening to this song demonstrates the power it has on a person. Having the ability to articulate what it feels like to fight those emotions gives validation to the fight against those struggles.

Crutches are normally used to help people move forward when they’re injured, which is what this song could be for some, myself included. The message is not the only reason I connected with it; the progression of the song drew me in. The imitation between the vocals and instrumentation furthered the story, making the song more impactful.

With no song to be slept on, “No Nostalgia” is yet another hard-hitter. The heavy drumbeats draw the listener in and Vista’s soft vocal approach to deep subjects piques interest. The smooth transitions from each verse to the chorus furthers the theme of feeling suppressed, but moving on. The chorus line, “you used to be the cure to the poison, now you’re just the rain I got lost in,” captivates the transition of a toxic relationship from someone being everything to then becoming the reason one loses themself.

The Repair ends with “Dear John,” showcasing Vista’s softer tone. The instrumentation is strong, yet quiet enough for Vista’s voice to carry and sound stronger, leaving the listener on a powerful note.

All of the songs on The Repair are about improving oneself after going through ruin, relating back to the inaugural EP in the trilogy. The Repair will leave listeners wanting more; they will just have to wait until the third installment, The Revival, comes out.

VISTA’s new EP is for anyone who likes strong, powerhouse female vocals and heavy, intricate instrumentation. Whether you like to head bang or just vibe with a song, The Repair is the right fit.

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