Grayscale’s “Nella Vita Pt. 2” Tour: Everything you need to know before going to your date

A lot of you found my Sad Summer Festival intro piece really helpful so I’m back with one for Grayscale’s “Nella Vita Pt. 2” tour.

The tour started off in Wilmington, Delaware which is actually my hometown, so that in itself was a surprise to see. Going into it, I honestly I didn’t know what to expect. Grayscale is just one of those bands you can never predict what they’re going to do.

Usually the VIP email comes 2-3 days before your date. For reference, check-in for the Wilmington date was at 4:30, although it was supposed to start at 5:00 with doors at 6:00. With this being the first date of the tour, of course there were some kinks to work out. When I attended the Baltimore, Maryland date the next day check-in was pretty spot on.

Next, I want to mention the support lineup. Honestly, going into it I didn’t know just how well-together these bands would fit. Lurk, WSTR, Hot Mulligan and Grayscale are all so different in their own ways but collectively felt so right.

Looking at the setlist, I went into it thinking Grayscale would play the same songs they did for Pt. 1 of the tour and just change a song or two, but opening with “Just Right” was a power move I didn’t know I needed until now. I don’t think I’ve heard a crowd scream louder either night than when they echoed “When we fucked in my car.” The band didn’t lie when they teased the return of “Echoes” and the addition of “Asbury” and “Desert Queen.” What surprised most people was probably the disappearance of Grayscale classics “Beautiful Things” and “Forever Yours.” Don’t worry, there’s still an acoustic break to give everyone, including the band, a little rest. They played an acoustic version of “What’s On Your Mind” and then one of the biggest heartbreaks on Nella Vita, “Asbury.”

GS setlist
Photo: Hannah Clough

To round out this intro to “Nella Vita Pt. 2,” the only thing left is the merch. Grayscale has everything from hoodies, shirts, vinyl/cd copies of all their albums and more.

GS merch table
Photo: Hannah Clough

This tour was much needed for me personally. I went with my friends and it was a great way to start off my 2020 concert season. I loved it so much I decided to hit the Lancaster date too. If you are coming out to a date remember to be safe, have the best time and just live in the moment. Seriously, don’t let anyone stop you from doing multiple shows if you want. We all only have one life to live so why not live it exactly how you want.

One last little thing: if you can’t handle crowd surfers, please stick to the back. These shows have been absolute insanity and I don’t want to see people get hurt. If you have questions about anything, or just want to cry over Grayscale, my Twitter DM’s are always open and I will 100% cry with you.


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