Dead Friends set to release new EP boasting skillful guitar, fiery percussion and aggressive vocals

Friday January 24 will bring a new EP titled High, Wasted Genes from Virginia-based heavy rockers Dead Friends. The no holds barred EP opens with the roaring first track “Hyenas” wrought with polished, yet frenzied guitar riffs. The second track “Knelt for Fear of Falling” stirs the subtle, aggressive vocalization and melodies to blend up a gritty song that builds and breaks down superbly.

Next up, “Cis White Whale” struck me with its sleek and fiery percussion and deft guitar riffs meeting the bellows of the bass with perfection. Dead Friends paired the visual story of the track with the political agenda in their music video tackling entitlement with punk overtones.  Climatic “Uncertain God” rides the wave of the guitars throughout the 3:42 song, alongside the vocals of Austin Radford, switching between harsh and soft  throughout the track.

The final track, “Branding Iron” is more melodic and finishes the EP on a less intense note instrumentally with lulling vocal harmonies while retaining the powerful breakdowns we see throughout the effort.

High, Wasted Genes is the first EP from Dead Friends, following the early 2019 release of their single “Torches.” High, Wasted Genes is available for purchase and streaming on January 24, 2020 via Standby Records.

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Jessi McKee

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