Exclusive interview with Life Awaits: new album, influences and comparisons

Life Awaits is an up-and-coming metal band signed to Famined Records in L.A., but based out of China!  Their new record, Fluorescent, that dropped November 29, 2019 is heavy and melodic and has been drawing a great comparison to Sempiternal, the signature album of Bring Me the Horizon.

The title track opens things off with a mellow introduction that explodes into a huge, over-the-top chorus. The refrain is heavy and aggressive and really hits you out of nowhere which adds an awesome element to the song. “Digging in the Sand” starts off heavy and doesn’t let up throughout, building on the momentum of the first track. It has a really chunky and deep bass line that pushes forward into a great span of heavy vocals layered over a clean reprieve in the chorus.

The single off the record is “Blind Belief.” It is one of the catchier songs on the record, with a laid back verse that builds into a much heavier pre-chorus, highlighted by a really awesome guitar solo and the biggest chorus on the album. It is catchy and definitely makes you want to sing along. “Captivated” is the heaviest song on the album. It is intense with heavy hollow beats and distorted vocals that don’t let up. The guitar riffs behind the vocal growls are more subtle, but really add that extra layer to the track.

“Everlast” is another that sticks out as a potential single/ standout track. The song has a really cool beat with some stops and technical transitions. It is heavy, but not to the point that it sacrifices a certain appeal that could reach audiences outside of the metal genres. “Heart of Fates” fits into the same feel and may be an even larger and more appealing track. What stands out to me on this track are the subtle, yet ever-present guitar riffs behind the verse and the heavy breakdown.  My favorite track “Better Now,” is the album’s closer and features heavy moments with a nice build. The heavy vocals layered over the clean really puts this one over-the-top for me.

We had the opportunity to ask the band a little about what sets them apart:

MT: Congrats on the release! You’re getting some big comparisons. One that really sticks out is Bring Me The Horizon, specifically to the record Sempiternal. What does that mean to you?

Yu: Thank you! We like Bring me the horizon a lot and Jordan Fish is one of my favorite producers of all time.

MT: Other than BMTH, who else have been your biggest influences?

Yu: We take influences from melodic hardcore, post-hardcore, metal core, and even hiphop and mainstream pop music. It’s really hard to name them all. But we try to absorb a lot of elements into our music to create a unique sound

MT: How do you plan to support the album?  Any tours scheduled? Perhaps a trip to the US?!

Yu: We’d love to tour the US in the future. But nothing has really scheduled at the moment. We’ll look into it for 2020.

MT: What was different about this album from your last (2017s Waves)?

Yu: This time we spent the summer all together on this album and it’s a piece of work with everyone’s effort. Musically, it’s just going into more depth on various fronts. The soft tunes are more sophisticated in terms of song structure and production. And the heavy songs are just getting heavier.

MT: If you were trapped on a desert island and could only have three things- what would you take?

Yu: A guitar, A lighter, and my family’s picture.

MT: What is one thing that Spinning Thoughts/Metal Thoughts fans need to know about Life Awaits?

Yu: We’re from China!

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