Top Ten Albums of 2019: Sammi Mika

Spinning Thoughts is proud of the music diversity found throughout the many contributors on our team. With each “Top 10 Albums of the Year” list shared, we hope to encourage a dialog that inspires the sharing of music with others. 2019 had some really amazing moments for new music. The beauty is in how these bands/artists impact us all differently, and even better, how they bring us together.

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Sammi Mika | Contributor

10. Live WellPerfectly Temporary

Standout track: “Drunk”

9. New Years DayUnbreakable

Standout track: “Shut Up”

8. Awake At LastThe Change

Standout track: “Dead Generation”

7. Andy BlackThe Ghost of Ohio

Standout track: “Soul Like Me”

6. RammsteinRammstein

Standout track: “Deutschland”

5. YungbludThe Underrated Youth

Standout track: “Hope for the Underrated Youth”

4. ToothgrinderI am

Standout track: “No Tribe”

3. HeavensakePost-Chroma

Standout track: “Bleach”

2. Sleeping With SirensHow It Feels to Be Lost

Standout track: “Blood Lines”

1. Machine Gun KellyHotel Diablo

Standout track: “Floor 13”

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Sammi Mika

Twitter: @SammiMika


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