Top Ten Albums of 2019: Dan Bowyer

Spinning Thoughts is proud of the music diversity found throughout the many contributors on our team. With each “Top 10 Albums of the Year” list shared, we hope to encourage a dialog that inspires the sharing of music with others. 2019 had some really amazing moments for new music. The beauty is in how these bands/artists impact us all differently, and even better, how they bring us together.

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Dan Bowyer | Canadian Contributor

10. Being As An OceanPROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story

Being As An Ocean continue with the concept they have recently developed on PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story.  Joel Quartuccio and friends are brilliant as usual.

Standout Track:  “Find Our Way”

9. Jimmy Eat WorldSurviving

Emo Kings Jimmy Eat World never fade.  Still at it in 2019, the band display that they are doing much more than simply surviving on their latest record.

Standout Track:  “All The Way (Stay)”

8. Small TalksA Conversation Between Us

The energetic pop of Small Talks is refreshing.  Be on the lookout for this project in 2020.

Standout Track:  “Nicotine & Tangerines”

7. Hotel BooksEquivalency II

Everything We Left Out:  Yes, Hotel Books released two full-length albums this year.  The sincere nature of Hotel Books to second-to-none and is particularly noticeable on “A Question.”

Standout Track:  “A Question”

6. CertaintyTemporary Love

Certainty is consistently underrated.  Maybe you saw their guitar player selling merch for Bearings while Bearings toured with Grayscale this year.  Make the effort to see him and the rest of Certainty put on their live show in 2020, you won’t be disappointed.

Standout Track:  “Headaches”

5. CapstanRestless Heart, Keep Running

Orlando’s Capstan may just be the best band you haven’t quite heard of yet.  After some very strong EPs, Restless Heart, Keep Running is an excellent debut full-length.

Standout Track: “Stars Before the Sun”

4. GrayscaleNella Vita

Philadelphia’s Grayscale very handily avoided the sophomore slump by delivering on their second full-length record.  Nella Vita is a gem.

Standout Track:  “Old Friends”

3. Hotel BooksI’ll Leave the Light on Just in Case

Cam Smith’s spoken word is beyond brilliant and that brilliance is again heavily on display on I’ll Leave the Light on Just in Case.

Standout Track:  “Just What I Feel”

2. RarityThe Longest Lonesome

The wait was beyond worth it as the Hamilton, Ontario quintet unleash 11 honest tracks that stand out both musically and lyrically.

Standout Track:  “Drown Me Out”

1. Youth FountainLetters to Our Former Selves

Pure, visceral emotion for the British Columbia duo land them at the top of the list in 2019.

Standout Track: “Worried”

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Dan Bowyer

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