Top 10 Albums of 2019: Tyra Brunz

Spinning Thoughts is proud of the music diversity found throughout the many contributors on our team. With each “Top 10 Albums of the Year” list shared, we hope to encourage a dialog that inspires the sharing of music with others. 2019 had some really amazing moments for new music. The beauty is in how these bands/artists impact us all differently, and even better, how they bring us together.

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Tyra Brunz | Contributor

Shout out to Bad Luck, The Happy Alright, Origami Angel, Cliffdiver, and Riley! for putting out some kickass EPs this year.

Honorable Mentions:

10. Mannequin PussyPatience

FFO: Pup, Screaming Females, grungy bops

If You Like, You’ll Like: Great Grandpa

Snapshot Review: I came across this album fairly recently but really vibed with it, so I’m looking forward to spending more time learning the intricacies of Patience. Even now, after a handful of listens, it’s obvious that the album boasts a robust, grungy sound and discusses themes surrounding substance abuse and insecurities.

Favorite Song: “Drunk II”

9. Blood YouthStarve

FFO: Cane Hill, Knocked Loose, stomp around riffs

IYL: Knocked Loose

Snapshot Review: Starve was my go-to metal album this year; I love the more intense direction Blood Youth has taken. Anytime I was pushing up against a deadline for work, I’d pop this album on and get shit DONE.

Favorite Song: “Starve”

8. MacsealSuper Enthusiast

FFO: Free Throw, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, math drums for days

IYL: Charmer

Snapshot Review: Super Enthusiast is such a jam of an album. I adore the dual vocals Macseal keeps bringing and I am certain that I’ll never tire of those noodly guitars and mathy drums.

Favorite Song: “Mystery Inc.”

7. Prince Daddy &The HyenaCosmic Thrill Seekers

FFO: Graduating Life, McCafferty, concept albums, cosmic thrills

IYL: Retirement Party

Snapshot Review: With no cell service, this album on my radio, and a very long road trip ahead, I embarked on a journey to explore this massively complex album. My lovely copilot and I navigated through the many layers of pop punk and anthem emo on Cosmic Thrill Seekers, discovered the nuances throughout the album and attempted to seek out all the tasty details left for us by P Daddy.

Favorite Song: “Fuckin’ A”

6. PUPMorbid Stuff

FFO: Sorority Noise, Microwave, dark/sarcastic humor

IYL: Remo Drive

Snapshot Review: Morbid Stuff is high-energy, anthem emo to toss on, should you feel the need to dance away your next existential crisis. It is chock-full of catchy, sing-along choruses and bouncy riffs, but wouldn’t be complete without the classic sarcastic and self-deprecating lyrics we’ve come to know and love from PUP.

Favorite Song: “Kids”

5. Dream StatePrimrose Path

FFO: Crazy Eighty Eight, Dayseeker, experimental hardcore, honest and poetic lyrics

IYL: Eat Your Heart Out

Snapshot Review: Primrose Path is a deeply empowering album that features some of my favorite vocal work in the scene. The album packs a punch while taking on tough subjects like alcoholism and addiction, but still manages to encourage listeners to fight their hardest in an attempt to overcome these struggles.

Favorite Song: “Are You Ready To Live?”

4. CapstanRestless Heart, Keep Running

FFO: Dayseeker, poetic lyrics, god-tier GUITAR work

IYL: Dream State

Snapshot Review: This album was one of my most-anticipated of the year, and BOY did Capstan deliver. RH,KR can masterfully flow from gentle acoustic to melt-your-face-off intensity with lyrics that hit hard and some of the best guitar work in the game.

Favorite Song: “Stars Before the Sun”

3. DayseekerSleep Talk

FFO: Thousand Below, Beartooth, Wage War, experimental hardcore

IYL: Dream State, Capstan

Snapshot Review: Sleep Talk is suuuuch a powerful album that beautifully blends heavier hardcore elements and delicate synth. At one point, I actually found myself feeling parts of this album too much at my grocery store and ended up on the receiving end of some weird stares.

Favorite Song: “Crooked Soul”

2. Free ThrowWhat’s Past is Prologue

FFO: Microwave, Macseal, brutally honest lyrics, delicious noodly guitar licks

IYL: Riley!

Snapshot Review: I was more than certain this album was my AOTY until Origami Angel snuck right in and blew my ever-loving mind with  Somewhere City. What’s Past is Prologue shares the struggles, the lessons and the beacon of hope earned along a journey of growth and self-acceptance. It is simply an outstanding album that I see staying in my all-time albums rotation for many, many years.

Favorite Song: “What’s Past is Prologue”

1. Origami AngelSomewhere City

FFO: Free Throw, Tiny Moving Parts, chicken nuggets, Pokemon

IYL: Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Where What’s Past is Prologue showed me that I have the power within me to improve myself, Somewhere City convinced me that I am worthy of that change and self-investment. Every track on this album delves into complex and sometimes uncomfortable aspects of life, but Origami Angel always remains relentlessly positive and optimistic. This band is able to cast their own whimsical lens onto these issues and present them as a messy, but enthralling adventure. I am eternally grateful for this album and plan to work towards improving my Gami Gang Mindset immediately.

Favorite Song: “Doctor Whomst”

What are your thoughts on Tyra’s Top 10 Albums of 2019? Let her know on Twitter: @thatawesometyra

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Tyra Brunz

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