Contemplative lyrical content prove to be more matured and deliberate on new EP from Bad Luck.

Considering this Brooklyn-based project, Bad Luck., released quite possibly one of my favorite EPs of the year in March, I was stoked to hear the world would be blessed with yet another release, Friends. (Again), on December 13, 2019 via Take This To Heart Records. This EP shows quite a bit of growth from the band’s spring release, Drug Phase. 

Friends. (Again) presents more thoughtful and introspective lyrics and the ideas expressed in each track are a bit more refined. This allows the themes and ideas of each song to be conveyed in a more deliberate way throughout the album. “Everyone I know is slowly growing old except me,” from the opening track “Untitled” touches on themes of witnessing people growing older, changing and possibly even growing out of relationships. In “Gwendolyn,” the lyrics express the revelation of having difficulty with self-expression and how the inability to discuss one’s feelings could be jeopardizing a relationship. Similarly, throughout this effort we see Bad Luck.’s growth in ability to convey the emotional tone effectively within each song.

Bad Luck.’s unique vocal style undergoes some distortion experimentation that, when layered and laid over the acoustic and synth pairing, proves to be an impressive mix. A great example of this blend is in the EP’s first single, “Fake Lemonade.”

Not only does the presence of more contemplative lyrical content prove to be more matured and deliberate than Bad Luck.’s previous work, their ability to utilize the synthesizer and build each song’s overall tone around the acoustic tracking really solidifies this album as some of Bad Luck.’s best work to date.

Old fans and new will both surely enjoy this short, but heartfelt work. Be sure to give it a spin when this wonderful EP drops this Friday the 13th.

TAGS: Bad Luck. | Take This To Heart Records

Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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