Gritty guitars and clean drum beats shine throughout new EP from Flight Club

Life is really busy and one of the things that helps keep me centered is listening to music.  Preferably new music with loud guitars, driving bass lines, drums that force you to tap your feet and great vocals.  I received the advance for Recreational Love, the new EP from Flight Club due for release November 15, 2019 via Open Your Ears Records, at the perfect time.  Things at work got crazy and I was in need of new tunes to help get me through a hectic time.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Flight Club is a five-piece made up of vocalist Charlie Mahoney, guitartists Sam Tucker and Drew Seliquini, Alex Triantafilledes on bass and Harry Ellis on drums.

The first track “Discount Drugs,” with its gritty guitars and clean drum beat, is a solid rock n’ roll song that shows the band’s southern rock and blues influences while giving it a sharp punk edge.

The harmonies on “Hard Luck” sound great, Tucker and Triantafilledes’ voices blend nicely with Mahoney reminding me of a grittier version of bands like Bowling For Soup and American Authors.  Throughout the song the guitars sound great and the drumming is spot on with perfect fills. “All Hell” is more of a hard-rock song, almost bordering on 70s or 80s hair metal with its Van Halen-inspired guitar riffs and vocals that would make David Lee Roth proud.

“Yours,” the final track on the EP, is a fun pop-inspired song with a fun beat and a refrain that is difficult to not sing along to.   It’s the type of song that I can put on in the car and my 13 year old daughter or 10 year old son won’t make me turn off before the end of the 6th bar.

Flight Club’s new EP Recreational Love is available everywhere November 15 via Open Your Ears Records.

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