Calmgrove fuse anthem-worthy hooks and edgy pop punk riffs on debut EP

Calmgrove is set to release their impressive debut EP, Light On Your End, Friday, November 15, 2019.

From the very first track this album packs a punch. “Shade” hooks the listener with catchy guitar work and a driving snare. This intriguing track uses an array of techniques that is sure to scratch any pop punk itch one might have. The lead song also establishes a sort of foundation for the album, promising high energy and plenty of catchy hooks to come.

The next tracks are lyrically strong and take two very different approaches musically.  “Misery” strikes first to punch up the energy with a punk edge while “Give and Take” transitions into a slower, more alt-rock vibe. We hear this transition once again from “Burn” to the final track “Sound Asleep.” In theory, this change of pace should seem jaring, but in practice, Calmgrove cultivates these transitions to be as refreshing as flipping over to the cool side of the pillow.

Throughout the album there are a few glimpses of pop punk influences from bands like Homesafe, Belmont and Knuckle Puck. In fact, my favorite track, “Burn,” could very well be the product of a lovechild made by Real Friends and Boston Manor (and a little bit of Chemical X), and to be honest, the world could definitely use some more of that.

This young band’s ability to fuse anthem-worthy hooks and edgy pop punk riffs will surely legitimize their right to be constantly stuck in your head. This debut EP proves that Calmgrove contains impressive talent and possesses remarkable potential to be a staple in the pop punk scene and I am excited to hear more from them in the future.

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Tyra Brunz

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