Turbulent guitars and gratifying percussion encapsulate the new album coming from Origami Angel

Origami Angel is back with more new music in 2019! Following their May EP release of Gen 3, the band shares their new full length album Somewhere City November 15, 2019 via Chatterbot Records.

Somewhere City opens with “Welcome To…,” beginning gently, the track quickly picks up and shines with power chords building to a robust, anthemic song. “24 Hr Dive-Thru” is up next and is a stellar upbeat emo track. The whole album is chock-full of kinetic emo and pop punk-fueled songs with satisfying breakdowns, pensive interludes and perfect hooks.

The pace slows a bit with “Skeleton Key,” but as we approach the chorus the tempo picks up and we find ourselves back in the thick of a fast-paced adventure. Standout track “Doctor Whomst” has an instrumental experience that is stunning. You can check out the official music video now which is silly as hell but fun and original.

Somewhere City brings a diverse track style that varies the song composition nicely, lending a different feel to each track that forms an eager anticipation for the next breakdown. The turbulent and skillful guitar work from Ryland Heagy throughout the effort is insanely gratifying and the percussion work is exciting and ultra polished from Pat Doherty. Be sure to check out the new full length album from Origami Angel, Somewhere City, available this Friday November 15!

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