With heavy instrumentation and hard-hitting lyrics Fake Figures balance complex emotions on new EP

Fake Figures are set to release their new EP We Are the Dead on November 15, 2019 via War Against Records. With heavy instrumentation and softer vocals from Rus Martin complementing each other, We Are the Dead balances out the complex emotions conveyed in throughout the effort.

The title track, featuring Jonah Matranga, creates a feeling of serenity with a hidden drive of eagerness. The instrumentation drives the song forward but the calming vocals from Martin create contrast, leaving the listener wanting to know more. Throughout the song Martin’s vocals blend with the music, lending a hand to the calmness of the track.

“Bury the Hatchet” pushes a message of moving forward through Martin’s harsh vocals and the heavy instrumentation. The ending of the song solidifies the lyrical content of how it feels to not have the weight and anxiety anymore that is sometimes present in situations of growth and forgiveness.

We Are the Dead is for anyone who enjoys heavy instrumentation and hard-hitting lyrics. Whether it be sitting in a room, rocking out or driving during rush hour this EP will make an impact, pulling you into the world of Fake Figures.

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