‘Super Enthusiast’ proves Macseal is that best friend you can always count on

Long Island band Macseal brings forth their debut full-length album Super Enthusiast on November 8, 2019 via 6131 Records. The record showcases their trademark twinkly Midwest math-rock sound while presenting a more mature, elevated sound that is both warm and vibrant throughout.

Super Enthusiast reveals Macseal’s most matured lyrical content to date. “Always Hazy,” “Mystery Inc.” and “Problem Solved” are examples of this elevated prose, while “Irving” and “Picture Perfect” are two songs that display Macseal’s willingness to experiment with growing their sound. Even as they expand a bit sonically, Macseal still manages to blend the newer, lighthearted guitar pop with their strengths in dual vocals and insane math drums. There is even a revamp of a classic Macseal song that everyone will surely enjoy.

“Mystery Inc.,” “Upside Down Again” and “Graduating Steps” take on heavy topics, while sonically establishing a warm, welcoming tone that I can only assume will make for the most kickass and cathartic live performances. A few stand-out tracks for me, which really emphasize the growth from the past EPs, can be seen in “Lucky For Some,” “Without a Trace” and “Safe Spot.” These tracks in particular are great examples of how the band can take the individuality of each musical and lyrical element and blend each piece into one tasty Macseal smoothiesong. 

Super Enthusiast proves Macseal is that best friend you can always count on. Like the friend that has been, and will be, with you through thick and thin and won’t run away when things get hard. They are the one you can laugh with or lament with; they are someone who is always there to sit and help you work through your problems as they work through their own. They are always armed with unwavering relatability, an uncanny amount of understanding and a bit of humor to make it through the toughest of times. Throughout Super Enthusiast, Macseal guides us along as they attempt to tackle and make sense of the ups and downs of growing up and maturing to find oneself in such an unforgiving world.

So, whether you are already a die-hard fan or this album is your first exposure to Macseal, Super Enthusiast will definitely try to steal your heart – or at least a spot on your Top 10 list this year.”

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