The new album from Transylvania Stud is a truly well-composed, constructed and executed heavy rock album

Transylvania Stud, the space rock/desert doom project from Virginia-born and Nashville-influenced Andrew Godfrey comes a new album, White Witch, out as of October 31, 2019. You might know Godfrey from his Nashville band, Navaeh, or Transylvania Stud’s 2017 release, The Red Queen.

White Witch opens with “Unconditional Numb,” a heavy rock, hair-raising track featuring two other names in Nashville rock you should know; George & Natalie Pauley, two thirds of the band The By Gods. A melodic intro that packs a punch, “Unconditional Numb” is a rich track with phenomenal instrumentals and vocals to be mesmerized by throughout the album. If you are a sucker for hardcore guitar riffs and meaty bass chugs, this album is going to be in your heavy rotation in no time.

The desert/doom rock album is a masterpiece built on the back of Godfrey, who plays not only guitar on the album but also bass and drums. Transylvania Stud is creative, inventive and fun as hell. The energy kicks in full force on the second track, “High Stakes,” a meteoric metal song that rips through your expectations with wild runs of electric guitar and bass chords walking on a razor wire of intensity. We see another Nashville guest appear on tracks “Three Fold” and  “Long Way Down,” Andy Herrin who you may know from bands Repeat Repeat or Cavo.

“Long Way Down” chugs into the album with subtle drums and bass before squealing into fifth gear with a high voltage electric riff “You keep my head under water / just to hang me out to dry / and when I’m morning your secrets / It turns out there’s only lies,”  followed by a sinister chorus. The epic album concludes with “In Over Your Head,” a climactic, yet steady tour de force track, rounding out White Witch with slicing sharp shreds.

The guest contributions perfectly compliment White Witch while the master and mix is exquisite. From the cryptic lyrics, spine-tingling execution of the instrumentals and the soul-stirring cover art White Witch surpasses expectations into a realm of the legendary underground album; a truly well-composed, constructed and executed heavy rock album.

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