Thousand Below explore the complexity of dealing with relationships on new album

Thousand Below released their sophomore album, Gone in Your Wake, on October 11, 2019 via Rise Records. Following their debut album, The Love You Let Too Close, this new effort carries the same emotional weight but also explores the complexity of dealing with relationships and the time spent delving into them. The instrumentals compliment, exemplifying what Thousand Below is capable of.

Throughout the album “Fake Smile” was the one song I resonated with most. The instrumentation is soft at the beginning and ramps itself up throughout the entirety of the song, really pulling on the heartstrings. The line “The feeling is real but the smile, the smile is fake,” accompanied by the heavy instrumentation mimics the deep emotion of the song, leaving the listener with a sense of validation and understanding.

“Gone in Your Wake” embodies the album as a deeply emotional song with lyrical content that reinforces the message of the effort. Possessing both the album’s namesake and its conclusion, this track establishes a lasting impression.

Gone in Your Wake is for anyone looking for a fast-paced journey you can headbang to or find an emotional connection with that will make you feel and think about the relationships in your life.

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