The Almost provide a window into their rich breadth, depth and perspective on new album

From the first notes of “Chokehold,” which serves as the opener of The Almost’s Fear Caller, the musical versatility of frontman Aaron Gillespie and the other members of the Florida quintet is readily apparent.  Due for release on Friday October 18, 2019 via Fearless Records, the band’s fourth studio album is a collection of 12 tracks that illustrate just how accomplished the band is.

Advance single “I Want It Real” is a poppy masterpiece, while the introspective “Life” slows things down.  As such, Fear Caller provides a window into the rich breadth, depth and perspective that The Almost possess.

Also featuring Dusty Redmon and Joe Musten, formerly of Beloved, unsuspecting listeners (given also Gillespie’s place in Underoath) may be surprised by this effort put forth by a group of people still highly regarded in the metalcore community for their other projects.

The beautiful thing about Fear Caller is that it is an excellent surprise which highlights the way the years of musical experience that the members of The Almost have accumulated has produced an album worthy of much admiration.

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