Pushing some of their most genuine work yet, Can’t Swim’s new EP is full of heavy breakdowns and angry vocals

This isn’t the Can’t Swim you remember.  After gaining some notoriety with their debut EP, 2016’s Death Deserves a Name, followed by full-length albums Fail You Again and This Too Won’t Pass, the band returns with their latest EP Foreign Language, due for release on October 11, 2019 via Pure Noise Records.  The New Jersey quintet has moved in a new direction with Foreign Language, producing six tracks that hit hard and quickly as not one track of the effort is longer than two-and-a-half minutes.

In contrast to their previous work defined by catchy melodies and infectious hooks, Foreign Language is full of heavy breakdowns and angry vocals.  Death Deserves a Name was the work of enthusiastic rookies; Foreign Language has been composed by grizzled veterans.  While this development in their sound may startle fans of their earlier work, it is clearly authentic, the creation of five people who are unafraid to call out injustice in its various forms.

“Looked me in the eyes, stabbed me right in the back” growls Can’t Swim frontman Chris LoPorto on Foreign Language’s lead single “Filthy Rich,” naming the evils of greed and features Spencer Pollard of Trash Talk.  Other tracks on Foreign Language call out the love of money and feature the likes of Frank Carter, Adam Lazzarra of Taking Back Sunday and Andrew Dijorio of Stray From The Path.

Although Can’t Swim has gone in a new direction, Foreign Language is some of their most genuine work yet, bravely naming oppression for what it is in the hopes that one day it will be eradicated.  The EP is an indication that the filthy rich really are filthy, and that injustice will be conquered.

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