The new album coming from Chris Farren is approachable and encouraging to those who might be struggling

How does one even begin to attempt to describe Chris Farren and his perfect new album, Born Hot?

Set for release October 11, 2019 via Polyvinyl Record Co., the hype surrounding the release of this album is absolutely self-assured and full of confidence. The pre-order bundles take the “hot” theme to an extreme, each single dropped is revered by fans as “another perfect song,” and Chris Farren’s live performance can be described no other way but grandiose.

The album begins on an entirely different note than one might expect from its marketing strategy. “Why do I feel so out of place in my own outer space?” sets a stark contrast to the confidence oozing from the pre-release hype, but it accurately snaps the listener into the specific narrative that Born Hot will be writing.

On Born Hot, Chris Farren creates an exceptional blend of power pop and 80’s synth, adding a sprinkle of doo-wop with a hint of folk undertones. This musical cocktail creates a playful and fun framework that hosts deeply reflective and introspective lyrics to create our signature Born Hot™ song structure. Lyrics like “What if I was amazing?” and “I know you love me, but I do not know why?” highlight the insecurities Farren feels, all while the musical tone of each song is full of poppy synth that actually makes cleaning my house SO much more bearable (thank you, Mr. Farren, sir).

Throughout the album Farren tackles dense, heavy topics ranging from depression and anxiety to dealing with losing friends and even the death of loved ones. These intense themes are built into a happier, almost carefree musical framework, seemingly giving the overall concept of the album a sort of tongue-in-cheek feel that proves true to Chris Farren’s larger-than-life social media and live performance personality.

Within Born Hot, Farren takes time to dig deep and reflect both on himself internally, as well as exploring the role in his relationships with others. By being real and honest with what he finds, Farren is not only able to continue to grow as a person, he also opens up a lifeline for those who might need the extra nudge to love and accept themselves as they are.

Chris Farren’s genuinely articulate songwriting laid within Born Hot‘s sunny, synth-pop tones provides an opportunity to connect with his fans on a uniquely intimate level. By opening up a dialogue about topics that are sometimes uncomfortable to confront or discuss, Farren creates an environment that is approachable and encouraging to those who might be struggling and provides a space to learn of self-love and self-acceptance.

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Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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