Vinnie Caruana’s new album promotes creativity, living fully and forging ahead

On Friday October 4th, 2019 Vinnie Caruana releases his new album Aging Frontman via Know Hope Records. An album circling mental health, Caruana’s new record candidly imparts the emotions and experiences of his now 40 years. Following up his 2016 solo release of Survivor’s Guilt, Caruana gets more personal with his fans.

With warm, golden melodies and sincere content, Aging Frontman is a six-song introspective that feels like a friend saying, “hang in there, I’ve been there too.” A mixture of vintage vibes with the sweet singer-songwriter genre build a soothing aesthetic in Aging Frontman. Stand out track “Providence” pulls on the heartstrings with lyrics like “The pain will always want to show it’s face and I’ll be waiting with open arms, it’s had its place in me all along.”

Caruana had this to say regarding the album: “These songs are medicine for me in my quest to attain mental health.  I want my fans to know that I’m OK. I want them to know that I know that we are all in a battle and that we have no choice but to win.”   This sentiment is at the very root of Aging Frontman: despite all the challenges and setbacks that life deals any of us, Caruana is committed to pushing himself creatively, to living fully and to forging ahead. 

The founding member of The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche, Caruana takes a different approach with Aging Frontman and it suits him. Caruana sets out on tour October 5th in Brooklyn, NY at Gold Sounds and will wrap up the US tour November 9th in Los Angeles at Moroccan Lounge. Aging Frontman will be available Friday October 4th and you can hear the single “Better” and “Alone” now.

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