Photo Spotlight: Maggie Schneider – Atlanta

On September 8 I did something I have never done before: I photographed two shows in the same night. They both were at the same venue, The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA., but different rooms: Purgatory and Hell. First, I photographed Spinning Thoughts’ very own Maggie Schneider (in Purgatory) opening for Boys of Fall on their “Gold Edition Release Tour” and the second was Grayscale (in Hell) on their “Nella Vita” North America tour with special guests Belmont, Bearings and Rich People.

Maggie and I have grown to be great friends over the last few months and I am continually impressed by the kickass front woman (and person) she is. I am so incredibly grateful that she gave me the opportunity to photograph her show opening for Boys of Fall.

Maggie’s live show has changed just a little bit over the past year. Instead of her playing guitar, she’s able to commandeer the stage with her captivating energy and just raw talent while her backing band, made up of Alex Downtain, Jeremy Russell, Alex Norell, and Alex Crain (that’s a whole lot of Alex, but I guess it makes things easy) killed it with the instrumentals.

Maggie captured the whole room, and the band had great energy as well. Her set wasn’t nearly long enough for my liking, but she did get to play her latest release, “Don’t Tell Me,” and it is just as amazing live as it is on the studio version.

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