Photo Spotlight: Grayscale – “Nella Vita” North American tour, Atlanta

On September 8 I did something I have never done before: I photographed two shows in the same night. They both were at the same venue, The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA., but different rooms: Purgatory and Hell. First, I photographed Spinning Thoughts’ very own Maggie Schneider (in Purgatory) opening for Boys of Fall on their “Gold Edition Release Tour” and the second was Grayscale (in Hell) on their “Nella Vita” North America tour with special guests Belmont, Bearings and Rich People.

After Maggie’s set, I ran over to Hell for Grayscale. I’ve seen this band countless of times, but they were always opening for someone, whether it be State Champs or The Maine. Seeing Grayscale headline was a completely different experience.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

They were able to finally put on a full show, and let me tell you, it was incredible. They had a ton of energy and their stage presence was elevated from anything I had ever seen before.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

I was fortunate enough to see Grayscale just days after Nella Vita was released, and from the way they play these songs you can tell they poured their heart and soul into this record.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

Everything from their lighting to their stage production was absolutely incredible and I was, as always, impressed with the entire show.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

The crowd was having a blast the entire time Grayscale was on stage and I felt like I was transported to a world they had created with Nella Vita. It was one of those shows to never forget, and you could tell the band was having the time of their lives.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

If you haven’t seen Grayscale yet, you’re truly missing out. Shooting two shows in one night was one of the most hectic and crazy things I’ve ever done, but it was so so worth it. Both artists put on one hell of a show and I was so lucky to photograph both of them.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

If Grayscale hasn’t come through your city yet, do yourself a favor and snag a ticket to their show. There’s a reason they’re one of the biggest bands on the scene right now. Also, be sure to check out their latest album, Nella Vita. It’s just as amazing as Adornment, if not better.

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