The new album from Dayseeker is a shift in sound, embracing creativity and growth

Dayseeker is set to release their highly anticipated fourth LP, Sleeptalk through Spinefarm Records on September 27, 2019. According to their track-by-track of the album, Sleeptalk is a work that tells the story of a toxic relationship.

Within this new work, we hear a definite shift in sound as the band seems to cast off the restraints of a rigid normality and embraces the creativity of chasing a sound that fits the band rather than any certain genre.

Sleeptalk opens with the track “Drunk” that begins with interesting, distorted layers of Rory Rodriguez’s vocals. The song continues into a powerful chorus that packs a punch and ensures long-time fans they’re still sticking to some of their core roots. This song, in and of itself, gives the listener a sneak peak into some of the artistic flexing to be heard throughout this album.

“Sleeptalk” is the second single pre-released off the album and clearly hints at some of the sonic shifts taking place in this effort, while swiftly summarizing the lyrical journey of the album itself. The song contains a super catchy chorus and dance-worthy verses with elements of 80’s pop in the vocals and underlying video game-esque synth. With this song, we see Dayseeker’s ability to build from their post-hardcore foundation and experiment to find the right blend of sounds showcasing the band’s willingness to embrace new sounds and ideas in order to adjust to the band’s natural growth.

“The Embers Glow” is an interesting track found in the heart of the album. This song is the only one on the record where Rodriguez isn’t center stage with his impressive vocal range and techniques, but instead, is muted and hauntingly floats above the crackling synth and heartbeat of the bass drum.

“Already Numb” is an acoustic, but still wildly captivating track where Rodriguez lays it all out on the line. This, and “Crash and Burn,” are two of the best examples of the growth we can see in the songwriting and storytelling for Dayseeker. Each time I hear them, I have to take a moment to sit and take in all the anguish and heartbreak palpable in both the vocal and instrumental performances in these tracks.

Dayseeker still retains much of their core sounds and values throughout Sleeptalk.

In tracks like “The Color Black” and “Gates of Ivory,” we hear the new and improved Dayseeker that sounds a bit more polished and robust, suggesting the band has hit their stride and found a way to incorporate these new sounds while still allowing a nod to their post-hardcore genre. “Gates of Ivory” abruptly transitions into 80’s-reminiscent synth in the next track, “Starving to Be Empty.” The song talks about the physical toll this emotional distress is taking on our lyricist. Rodriguez is paired with a guest vocal on this one and the combination of the vocals parallel incredibly well with the heavy rock riffs, coupled with the finesse of underlying piano notes, making this one a stand-out track for me.

“Crash and Burn” is yet another incredibly powerful track that closes the album and is a fantastic example of just how much growth Dayseeker has undergone to perfect their individual sound. This is another song you’ll want to keep on repeat often.

Songs like “Sleeptalk” and “Burial Plot” contain pop influences and show the clear sound experimentation, but these tracks are matched by “The Color Black” and “Gates of Ivory” that still hold true to Dayseeker’s post-hardcore roots. Overall, this album sees each individual piece of Dayseeker coming together in new, innovative ways that still improve off the base of the sounds the band has crafted as their own. The way in which the drums and guitars are paired, each element is strongly independent, yet work remarkably well together and still leave space for the newly embraced synth, as well as the awe-inspiring vocals by Rodriguez. The way in which Dayseeker builds from their proficient foundation and seeks to incorporate new, genre-bending styles and techniques is the pinnacle of today’s music industry; one where pushing boundaries and embracing new ideas undoubtedly sets them apart from others.

So, on September 27, take some time to put Sleeptalk on repeat and explore the depths of creativity that Dayseeker has cultivated in this incredible album.

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Tyra Brunz

Twitter: @ThatAwesomeTyra

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