Sleeping With Sirens find balance and showcase their evolution with new album

On Friday, September 6, 2019 Sleeping With Sirens released their sixth studio album How It Feels to Be Lost via Sumerian Records. 2019 has seen a lot of evolution with new music and Sleeping With Sirens showcase their own evolution with heavy instrumentation, vocals and emotional lyrics .

Going back to their roots with this album, SWS brought a heavier sound to their emotionally charged lyrics. Each song isn’t lost in the mix and are perfectly placed to show a story hitting the heart where it matters.

Beginning with “Leave it All Behind” and concluding with “Dying to Believe,” this effort executes an emotional story of mental health struggles, loss, learning to believe in yourself and your position in life. The balance of the heavy songs with the softer ones keeps the listener intrigued and makes the message more clear.

The entire album made me weep, but I had a special connection to “Blood Lines.” It spoke to me in more ways than one, but the overall meaning was clear; I am not my parents and I can’t let my past ruin my life.  Kellin Quinn’s heavier vocals are well-placed throughout the song, eliciting a reaction from myself, while also putting the idea in my head that what we do now affects the children around us.

Ending with a sanguine song, “Dying to Believe” solidifies the message of the album. The lyrical composition complements the softer instrumentals and the vocal range of Quinn while leaving the listener with a sense of hope.

How It Feels to Be Lost is an album for anyone who wants to listen to something reminiscent of the past. The evolution from 2012 is what will bring a lot of listeners in, but the emotional context kept them listening and wanting more from this high-profile band.

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