Future Teens boasts honest lyrics and raw emotions on new album

Future Teens recently surprise-dropped their second full-length album, Breakup Season, one week early via Triple Crown Records. Since then, we’ve all had the opportunity to spin through this delightful and surprisingly emotionally taxing album.

The album opens with a particularly moving song, “Happy New Year.” In this track, the intense emotions are palpable in the vocals and, along with its melancholy instrumental backing and forlorn lyrics, prepares the listener for their one-way ticket aboard the Feels Train™.

The album contains masterfully organized tracks that range from simple and articulate, all the way to meticulously intricate layers of instruments and vocals. These layers can be found in both the massive swells of sound that pack the biggest punch and drive home emotional chaos, or be stripped away to bare the raw emotions that seem to drip from the vocals found in each track. Some songs contain cautiously hopeful, cheeky tones in tracks like “Heavy Petting,” and even some silly, but all too relatable lyrics found in “Swiped Out” and “Frequent Crier.”

My most frequently repeated, favorite songs from the album contain incredibly relatable lyrics for anyone trying to navigate the world as a 20 or 30-something-year-old. The most brutally honest, and also my favorite songs on the album, are “So What” and “Something Nice;” the latter of the two serves as the final track on the album. Breakup Season features countless brutally honest lyrics, sometimes self-deprecatingly so, that contain clever couplets that help to round out these Bummer Pop anthems.

From the choppy pop licks and tasty riffs on “Heavy Petting” to the haunting harmonies and layered guitar tones on “Passed Tense,” Breakup Season sees Future Teens in a standout album of the summer. Whether your last breakup season was years ago, or it is still fresh and tender, we can all find something to relate to and lament to in this album. So, break out your favorite comfort snacks, a big glass of wine and get ready for some Spotify and Chill with your new favorite rendezvous: Future Teen’s Breakout Season.

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