PINE contributes to thriving Canadian music scene with their upcoming self-titled album

While it may be known as a center of political discourse as the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario is also quickly becoming a hotbed of musical talent along with an active local scene, the likes of Bearings and We Were Sharks call it home.  Making a very solid contribution to the talent coming out of Ottawa are PINE who are set to release their debut LP, a self-titled record, on September 13, 2019 via No Sleep Records.

PINE offers 11 introspective and atmospheric slow jams that hold the listener spellbound at the dreamy combination of lavish guitar hooks with ambitious vocals.  This is the perfect record to relax to as the record meshes well by creatively lulling the listener into a mood of wonder and intrigue.   Advance single “Lusk” is a highlight and displays the vocal range of lead singer Darlene Deschamps very well, while “Bluff” laments the past in a surprisingly upbeat manner.

It is clear that PINE has taken the time necessary to create a record of substance rather than rushing or taking shortcuts.  PINE stands as a testament to what results when focus, talent and creativity meet.

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DB Dan Bowyer

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