Microwave set to release new album, packs a badass punch of candid recounting

Death is A Warm Blanket envelops the listener, giving a first-hand seat to the challenges, dirty laundry and will rip off any rose colored glasses to expose the truth behind the challenges of life as an artist. Microwave is set to release Death is A Warm Blanket on September 13, 2019 via Pure Noise Records and are currently on tour with Tiny Moving Parts and will begin a US tour November 20 with Boston Manor, Heart Attack Man and Selfish Things.

A personal expose of Nathan Hardy’s struggles with drugs, injuries and the dangers of touring, Death is a Warm Blanket packs a badass punch of candid recounting. The dark and brooding effort opens with “Leather Daddy,” strumming a soft acoustic guitar we see a more subtle instrumental track. With the second song “Float to the Top,” the introduction is again dim, only for the first verse, then Microwave breaks their chains and we get a look into some of the experimental instrumentals deployed at Travis Hill’s home studio where the album was recorded.

“DIAWB,” was released as an early single for good reason as the sudo-title track buzzes with serpentine guitar chords and raging drums.  “The Brakeman Has Resigned” tells an intensely intimate tale of Hardy’s struggles and the brutal truth of life not doing you any favors just because you’re talented: “I’ve been pouring on cement /I’m in up to my face exploiting my demons /  laying myself to waste  / it doesn’t really get better.”

One of the more devastatingly beautiful tracks I have ever heard is “Pull.”  Beginning as a slow-burning match, the song ignites into a blaze with lyrics “I know what you want  / I’m not resistant I’m speeding it up  / the best days are when I know that it’s over.” “Mirrors” is a track I can’t wait to feast my eyes on live, having seen Microwave live in the past I know they bring the heat in person just like they do in the studio and this track is gonna be a ripper.

“Carry” feels more familiar to Microwave’s previous sound, like tracks from the album Stovall. A nice nod to the roots of the band, it’s great to see the growth and evolution elsewhere in the album but also comforting to keep a track in the mix reminiscent of their former sound in “Carry.”

The album concludes with “Part of It” and a resolve to face the cataclysmic end of it all. A well-positioned summit of the album, the song is well-composed and haunting with the echoing vocals lingering through the track, staying with the listener as the album fades out.

Death Is A Warm Blanket is packed full of ingenuity and sincerity from the lyrical content to the instrumental textures.  Microwave took every chance and it absolutely paid off, resulting in Death Is A Warm Blanket being one of the most authentic albums of the year.

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