Excitement is high as Sleep On It is set to release new album – A dual review for ‘Pride & Disaster’

Maggie Schneider and Skylar Cleland team up to take on dual reviews on the upcoming album from Sleep On ItPride & Disaster, out September 13, 2019 via Equal Vision Records.

Maggie Schneider

I’ve been a fan of Sleep On It for almost two years now. You may have seen my mini-covers on Twitter of their songs, or me singing “Fireworks” with them last November on their tour with With Confidence. They have not only inspired me as a fan but as an artist. To me, Sleep On It is one of the most hardworking bands in the scene today, and it’s all paying off. Their new record Pride & Disaster is a powerful reflection of who these guys are as both artists and individuals: they are kind, dedicated, and honest. The album is set for release September 13, 2019 via Equal Vision Records.

“Hold Your Breath”

This is the second single off the album as well as the second track. The lyric that really stands out to me in this song is “I’ve been crawling through the dark but I’m fumbling for light again” – I think this is how we all feel sometimes. Finding the hope we need to move forward with our lives can be daunting amidst the struggles we’re dealing with in the present. Sleep On It addresses this through punchy guitars and lively gang vocals: two staples to the perfect pop punk jam, and SOI nails it.

“Babe Ruth”

Zech Pluister’s vocals shine here and Kyle Black’s production is top-notch. As an artist myself, I especially love Black’s mixes – they’re always clean, but match the tone and sonic qualities of each band he works with. This allows each band he produces to sound like the best version of themselves. “Babe Ruth” is the perfect example of Black and Sleep On It teaming up to create the most developed sound possible. This song makes me want to get in my car, go on a road trip with my best friends (Skylar and I know from experience that Sleep On It is the perfect band to listen to on an eight hour drive). It is thoughtfully written, particularly the down chorus after the guitar solo. Piano, orchestral strings and harmonies fill the mix, adding a new layer of emotion within the track.

“After Tonight”

This song is SINGLE worthy and one I can relate to. The feeling of being with someone you love is unlike any other. What’s better than that? Going on a spontaneous adventure with them.  Pluister sings “You’re everywhere that I wanna be” over a sea of harmonies, and I’m fully moved. I’m hoping the band plays this song live on future tours because it has such a special energy. This could be the perfect song to tell your crush how you feel – take my advice and get back to me on the results!

“Logan Square”

I love listening to songs about bands’ hometowns. I even have a song called “695 North Avenue” about my home away from home, The Masquerade (a special venue in Atlanta where I got my start). There is something so incredible about learning where a band is from and the feelings they experience when they’re in their own scene. “Logan Square” is an ode to Chicago, a neighborhood full of music venues, coffee shops and good vibes. I’ve never been to Logan Square, but it’s definitely on my bucket list now. There is a warmth to both the lyrics and chord progressions that expresses the joy each band member feels in regards to Chicago. It paints a vibrant picture of a community supportive of one another, and I’m left wanting to know more.

“Lost & Found”

“Lost & Found” is the last song on the record, and the perfect encore. I’m getting chills right now listening to the guitar lead during the intro. To me, the song is about growing up and learning lessons along the way; it’s about understanding what is truly important in life: friends, family and home. The last minute of the song is my favorite part: the lyrics fade away as piano, acoustic guitar and a bright snare take over. As a musical theatre kid, I geek out over instrumental sections like this. There is something so beautiful about the simple melody the piano plays, in combination to the texture the acoustic guitar brings. I feel hopeful at the end of this record, and it reminds me of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Final Thoughts

Pride & Disaster takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of life – the pride and disaster of it all. As an artist, I commend Sleep On It for writing a cohesive collection of songs that tells such a layered coming-of-age story. There is a song for every mood, every adventure and every heartbreak. Stream it and you won’t regret it!

Skylar Cleland

I’ve been a fan of Sleep On It since I saw them with As It Is in 2017. From there, I haven’t missed a single show they’ve had in Atlanta – I even went to the last four dates of Warped Tour in 2018 and watched their set every day. As a fan, the guys in Sleep On It are some of the kindest and most inspiring people I’ve ever met. They’re also a blast to watch in concert. Their forthcoming record is raw, honest and inspiring. It’s an album anyone can relate to, and honestly, it’s their best effort yet. I wrote a review for Overexposed when it came out in 2017 and I’ve photographed them on their run with With Confidence last November. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead of these guys because I know it’s going to be big.

“Racing Towards A Red Light”

This song feels like a more mature version of “Always Crashing the Same Car” to me. The whole thing is amazing but the one element of this song that is most memorable for me is Pluister’s voice. It’s honestly the shining star of the entire song. I think this song is one of their best. It feels like something everyone has experienced. It’s emotional and it’s real.

“Under The Moment”

The first single off the album got me SO excited for the rest. It captures exactly what feeling hopeless is like and I think they did an excellent job capturing that feeling while also creating a song that will have people dancing along.

“Fix The Dark”

The intro to this song is INCREDIBLE. It makes me want to go on a drive late at night with my friends and would make a perfect addition to any road trip playlist. The instrumentals throughout are impressive. It’s different, but also holds true to Sleep On It’s distinctive sound.

“Take Me Back”

This is the song the album title came from. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to sing along at the top of your lungs and I think that’s exactly what people are going to do. Everything about it is enjoyable, from the vocals to the instrumentals. It’s definitely one of my favorites off the record.

“The Cycle of Always Leaving”

When Maggie and I first listened to this song, it was immediately our favorite on the record and to me, it’s the most emotional. The lyrics blew me away – They’re raw and honest. The song itself is jazzy and will have you dancing around the room, while at the same time possessing the power that could make you cry.

Final Thoughts

In the past few years I’ve seen Sleep On It play a lot of shows; I’ve seen their first LP released and I am so excited to see what comes next. Every band has an album that makes people really stop and listen and I think Pride & Disaster is that record for Sleep On It. The whole album has the distinctive Sleep On It sound while also taking their music to a whole new level. What Maggie said rang true: There’s a song for everything you could think of and when this album comes out on Friday you’ll be doing yourself a favor when you stream it.

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