Live Well find musical balance, set to release new album

Live Well are dropping their debut album Perfectly Temporary on September 6, 2019. Their songs have a soft vibe, and coupled with emotional lyrics draws in any listener who wants to listen to a message over just the instrumentation. The balance between upbeat and slower songs is a great showing of what Live Well has to offer. The theme of this album is woven well throughout each song, portraying moments in life that make us who we are. Paul Masbad’s vocals stand out against the upbeat, beachy vibe making the lyrics from each song more impactful.

Every song hit an emotional chord but “Drunk” made me laugh, as well as cry. I reminisced about this past year, all the ups and downs, especially being a 21-year-old “emo-punk.” I’m living my life to the fullest, even when there are dark times. This song portrays that feeling of wanting to live your life to the fullest when death is always at the back of one’s mind.

Rounding off the album with “Cool Bands” was ironic, but fitting to be the last song. Masbad’s vocals stand alone at the beginning with the end of the song closing with Masbad, Max Johl and Luis Castro harmonizing about being a cool band and being similar to their friends, concluding the album on a wholesome note.

From the instrumentation to the messages throughout, Perfectly Temporary is for anyone who wants a trip down memory lane, or simply wants to enjoy what emo punk has to offer.

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