Rarity demonstrates their resiliency with new album, ‘The Longest Lonesome’

When you’re going through hell, keep going as the adage goes.  This is exactly what Rarity has done over the space of the last two years.  Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, the Hamilton, Ontario quintet is now set to release their sophomore full length album entitled The Longest Lonesome August 30, 2019 via New Damage Records.

The band has endured what would have broken numerous other collectives and the result is 11 hard-hitting tracks delivered in Rarity’s unique style as the fierce vocals of Loeden Learn integrate with the bold riffs of guitarists Adam Clarke and Corbin Giroux.

The Longest Lonesome is relentless as track after track proclaims that the band is full of life and refuse to be cornered or limited, but rather will engage their art on their own terms and no one else’s.  Album highlights include lead single “I’ll Come Around” and “A Numbness,” the latter of which features guest vocals from Michael McGough of Being As An Ocean. Album closer “Tiger Lily” is as beautiful as it is vulnerable as Learn intones “I won’t try to breathe unless I’m breathing for you.”

Continually demonstrating their resiliency, The Longest Lonesome declares “this is not the end,” as Loeden sings on “Hurting,” and is a testament to what perseverance can achieve.

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